SAML21 + ATBTLC1000ZR Multiple problems

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Hi all


I've just received my two boards SAML21J18B and BTLC100ZR extension. 

I connected extension to EXT1 port of SAML21 board and both device are identified by Atmel Studio.


Now starts the problems (marked bold):


1) From the start page I chose "New ASF Example project", then in wizrd window I chose "Getting Started Application" for SAM L21 Xplained Pro (this one)

Then I built it and downloaded to board. 

Description says "On the computer, open and configure a terminal application (e.g. HyperTerminal on Microsoft Windows) with these settings" but which port should I connect? Is it EDBG?

I see the LED is flashing and SW0 button toggles it, but my terminal connected to EDBG COM port shows nothing.


Ok, let's put aside SAML21 and check BTLC...


2) IAlso from start page (BTLC1000ZR section) I chose "New ASF Example project", then in wizrd window I chose "BLE-Startup Template - SAM L21 Xplained Pro SAML21J18B" (this one)

Also successfuly built it and downloaded to board. BTW was it downloaded to SAML21 or to BTLC1000 through SAML21?

I check from my phone - no BT devices available.

Then I started debugging this application and got to piece of code:



Line 311:


/* Init BLE device */

	if(at_ble_init(args) != AT_BLE_SUCCESS)
		DBG_LOG("SAMB11 Initialization failed");
		DBG_LOG("Please check the power and connection / hardware connector");	

It goes into this "if" and stucks in while(1). And again - no prints to serial port.

I checked - BTLC1000 ChipEn it remains LOW. Looks like EXT1 port is not configured properly


Am I doing something wrong or this boards supposed to work out of box?

Appreciate any help



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Probably it is not a hardware problem, only couldn't communicate with BT module because of incorrect settings. I have had the same experience, examples from Atmel Start did not work and I got the message above. The solution was to follow this rigorously: ATBTLC1000 BluSDK Example Profiles Application User'sGuide (50002640A.pdf)
I use Data Visualizer, COM port: EDBG Virtual COM Port with terminal at115200 baud and it works well.