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Latest Projects

UART based Data-logger with time & temperature log
     Here is one more data-logger circuit, based on ATmega32. providing 8-channels with 0 to 5V voltage level measurement. The circuit also...
Relay Control Circuit with RTC
Hello everyone,   this is a simple circuit, based on ATmega8, might be useful for newbies in AVR, RTC, Relay, etc.This is RTC based relay operating...
Arduino shield L-meter done in JLCPCB and EasyEDA
  any movies:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RK2iNt9aHoI&feature=youtu.be     Really easy work in EasyEDA, which have a complex...
OneWire C++ Library
A master OneWire library for ATmega128A TEST CONDITIONS I have tested my library by connect 3 Dallas DS18B20 devices (star connection) on PIND0 gpio with 4K7...
Mega & XMega runtime self-test library
Hi!   I would like to introduce an already almost completed self-test library for the Mega and XMega families. The goal of this library is to test the...
ATtiny13 Flash Led Using The Timer
;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; Name:        t13timer2.asm ; Author:...

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