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Latest Projects

osbornema's picture Text programmer for Atmega 328
The text programmer places text strings in flash along side the application hex file. For applications in which the text strings have had to be restricted to...
Yanujz's picture AVR SDK
Hello everyone, I am currently developing a SDK for AVR microcontrollers, and not only in a solitary way. The project has a target that ranges from those who...
Ntano's picture Aquarium Temperature Guardian (AquTemp)
This is a project for an Aquarium Temperature Guardian (AquTemp) Uses ATtiny2313 (yes i know, i know...) to control a waterproof DS18B20 temperature sensor...
osbornema's picture Code for an Atmega 328 bootloader
A C boot-loader program is presented for the Atmega 328 device. Its design is based on that of the in-Circuit programmer published by osbornema in "https...
NStorm's picture Smart light with APDS-9930 (proxmity & ambient light sensor)
Auto light   Attiny10 & APDS-9930 based automatic light/switch   https://github.com/N-Storm/autolight   This project utilizes small ATtiny10...
osbornema's picture Programmer for flash and EEPROM of Atmega 168 and 328 devices.
Details of an In-circuit programmer for the Atmega 168 and 328 devices was posted by osbornema on Feb 22 2019. It was stated in the introduction to this...

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