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Latest Projects

Ntano's picture SPWM Inverter with ATtiny25 Updates 4 and 5
This is a dual update of the SPWM inverter project (presented on March 2019). It's 3 pages addendum together with the main document, that describes a little...
jvabole's picture GRBL AT ATMEGA128 and Atmel studio
GRBL-1.1h port to mega128 and atmel studio 7
Ntano's picture A8Eprog 1.05
This is an "owed" update of the A8Eprog project (i don't know to whom i owe this, but since i've finished it...) Version 1.05 includes the following updates:...
osbornema's picture Atmega328 Bootloader for hex&text_with autoCal
A bootloader for the Atmega 328 is presented for both hex and txt files. The txt file contains strings for the application to print out. As both files reside...
osbornema's picture Text programmer for Atmega 328
The text programmer places text strings in flash along side the application hex file. For applications in which the text strings have had to be restricted to...
Yanujz's picture AVR SDK
Hello everyone, I am currently developing a SDK for AVR microcontrollers, and not only in a solitary way. The project has a target that ranges from those who...

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