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Latest Projects

Attiny85 sending byte to 74hc595
This is a code that sends a byte or a hexadecimal value from a attiny85 to a 74hc595. You just change the variable sendbyte.   
Bluetooth HC-06 AT commands programming via PS2 keyboard
HC-06 is an excellent bluetooth  to UART device but needs to be programmed with AT commands in order to set NAME , PASSWORD,BAUD and PARITY settings. The...
Wireless Sensor Network-Soil-Moisture Monitoring System
Summary This project consists of two parts, one part is the sensor node which measures and processes sensor data and sends it to the cordinator node which...
Distance measurement using ATMEGA328p and HC-SR04
Distance measurement using HC-SR04 and ATMEGA328p. In this project i have measured distance in centimeters, with the help of HC-SR04 Ultrasound sensor,...
Keurig automatic water filler
A simple project using an ATtiny84 with a eTape water level sensor, 12V water solenoid, and some WS2812 RGB leds to indicate status.  Connected to the...
RFID Card Reader
RFID Card Reader based on Wiegand 26 protocol. Mega Acorn kernel is used to monitor Card Reader device, decoding and communication over RS232. All tasks are...

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